On-site service

Service for industrial robots from Adept, Bosch and Stäubli

Our service for you: 24/7 emergency repair and maintenance services in your company for industrial robots made by Adept, Bosch and Stäubli.

Emergency repair of your industrial robots from Adept, Bosch and Stäubli

You can always reach us in case of emergency — even after regular business hours — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our technicians come to help you right away when you call, and our manufacturer-independent spare parts supply ensures that we always have the part you need when you need it.

Our top priority is to ensure a high level of productivity by keeping your industrial robots running as smoothly as possible. Our scheduled maintenance plans help us reach this common goal. And even if an unforeseen breakdown does happen to occur, we come to your location and fix the problem right away with our emergency on-site repair service to shorten costly downtimes.

  • Emergency 24/7 hotline
  • Rapid on-site repair of robot systems
  • Outside of regular working hours or during production-free times
  • We have our own stock of spare parts and also offer loaner robots

Emergency-Hotline: +49 9203 973909-202

On-site maintenance service at your location

Routine maintenance and custom service schedules are the key to keeping your industrial robots up and running. We take the requirements of your specific system into account and offer you preventative maintenance services in the intervals and scope prescribed and/or recommended by Adept, Bosch or Stäubli.

  • Development of comprehensive maintenance and service schedules 
  • Preventative maintenance in the manufacturer prescribed/recommended intervals and scope.
  • Performance of the prescribed annual inspection of robot systems in hazardous environments 
  • Extension of the useful life of your robot with regular maintenance

Your contact

Michael Ettenauer, Head of service