We service industrial robot systems 

Robot systems from Adept, Bosch and Stäubli

We service industrial robots from the leading manufacturers Adept, Bosch and Stäubli. These 4 and 6-axis robot systems can handle loads of up to 60 kg and work with high speed, precision and high repeatability. We are your affordable and reliable partner and an alternative to your robot systems manufacturer. We offer you for both new and especially older Adept, Bosch and Stäubli robots. This vision is what led to the founding of our company and is what continues to guide us and drive us in our daily work.  

It goes without saying that our service technicians have years of professional experience in customer service and teleservices, and that we offer you a warranty on spare parts and complete systems.

We offer you:

  • Emergency on-site repair
  • Maintenance, retrofitting/modification services
  • New and used spare parts
  • Expertise
  • Training

Spare parts supply

We offer manufacturer-independent spare parts supply. We can develop and manufacture our own parts for spare parts that are no longer produced by the manufacturer.

This enables us to guarantee you fair prices for spare parts and fast response times.

This gives you an advantage by securing your investments and ensuring trouble-free systems operation for many years beyond the manufacturer’s product cycle,

which means you have the freedom to decide for yourself how long you want to use your robot systems – without being forced to purchase new equipment when manufacturers change products and consequently no longer offer service or spare parts for your systems.


Robot systems from Adept Technology

Robot systems and control technologies from Adept Technology are best suited for plants and systems with a medium to high level of functional integration with regard to robot control. Integration of external axes, synchronization of multiple robot systems and full access to all control parameters can easily be done using the modern Adept Smart-CX controller.

Stäubli robots

4 and 6-axis robot systems from Stäubli have a simple programming language and are ideal for plants and systems that require a low to medium level of programming.

We can retrofit all Stäubli CS7, CS7B and CS8 series robots (regardless of model year) by replacing the old controller system with the Smart-CX controller from Adept.


These robots are most commonly used across the globe in the automotive, aviation and aerospace, semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical, solar, food, glass and porcelain industries as well as in shoe production, musical instrument manufacturing, industrial watch production, and in many other sectors.

We support both end users and plant operators as well as systems integrators and plant engineers.

Our number one objective is always to secure the operational capability and high availability of your robot systems — regardless whether you are using just a single robot in an industrial application or if you are running a production line with several dozen robot systems.

Support for older industrial robots

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for repair and maintenance services for your older robots. robotif offers you service, support, expertise and spare parts for your Adept, Bosch and Stäubli robots model year 1985 and later. We offer you new parts made in our own in-house production using modern materials and production methods for the most important wear parts that are often difficult to find, especially after the official “end of life”. We keep nearly all common spare parts for current and especially for older robot systems in stock at all times.

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We buy Adept, Bosch and Stäubli robots

Do you have Adept, Bosch or Stäubli robots that you won’t be using any more in the future? Do you have spare parts in storage that you don’t need any more?

Then contact us. We pay fair prices for your robots, assemblies and even miscellaneous spare parts.

Request an offer for both your new or slightly used parts and your used and defective parts — regardless of their condition.

Industrieroboter von Adept, Bosch und Stäubli

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Robot systems training

High-performance production facilities equipped with robots from Adept, Bosch or Stäubli need well-trained operators and service technicians. We’re happy to instruct and train your staff in this area — either on-site at your location, or at robotif’s own facilities.

We can also provide the required hardware so that you don’t have to take any of your industrial robots out of commission.