Custom retrofitting of your industrial robots

Do you have special requirements for how you want to use your industrial robots? With custom retrofitting and modification of standard Adept, Bosch or Stäubli robots, it is often possible to get custom configurations that are not available “ex works”.

Customers frequently ask for comprehensive equipping solutions using the same controller — regardless of the series. We’re glad to help you with this!

We offer you a variety of meaningful additions and modifications, such as:

AdeptOne AdeptThree

AdeptOne XL AdeptThree XL

MV Cobra 600 MV Cobra 800

sCobra 600 sCobra 800

iCobra sCobra *

RX 60(B) RX 60(B)L

RX 90(B) RX 90(B)L *

RX 130(B) RX 130(B)L *

RX 160 RX 160 L *

TX 90 TX 90 L bzw. TX 90 XL TX 90 XL

* We can perform these modifications for you on-site at your location.

When we do retrofitting work on your robot in our shop we always perform a mandatory thorough inspection of your robot and then calibrate it.

For 6-axis robots we perform calibration using our UltraCal position-independent calibration system. You’ll be amazed how much this manufacturer-independent calibration system enhances linearity and absolute accuracy.

Contact us if you need a special design for an Adept, Bosch or Stäubli robot. We’ll send you a no-obligation offer right away.

Examples of retrofitting work we’ve performed:

  • Modern pendant for CS7(M)B
  • CS7/CS7B/CS8 on Adept Smart-CX controller
  • Retrofitting to air condition
  • Conversion to long/short forearm
  • Stronger ball spline for Scara robots
  • Multibus on VME systems
  • Upgrade from Stäubli CS7 to CS7B or CS8 and viceversa
  • Adept MCP pendant with unbreakable aluminum casing

Talk to us! We offer an amazing variety of custom constellations that go well beyond what is possible with standard configurations

Your contact

Michael Ettenauer, Head of service

Controller retrofitting

We can perform this retrofitting work for you using all authorized additional options:

Multibus Smart CX + PA4

Stäubli CS7(M) CS7(M)B CS8(M)
Stäubli CS7 Smart CS7

Stäubli CS7B Smart CS7B

Stäubli CS8 Smart CS8

Adept T2 pendant for Stäubli CS7 (M) (B) controller

We can replace your old, outdated MCP pendant for your Stäubli CS7 and Stäubli CS7B controllers with the latest T2 pendant featuring a color touch screen.


The Adept T2 pendant is an extremely light and rugged handheld unit for left and right-handed users that can withstand drops from a height of up to 1.5 m. Retrofitting is made possible by a special circuit board. However, if you still prefer using your original Adept MCP, we can also retrofit the casing using an ultra-light housing made of durable aircraft aluminum. This adds a mere 700 g to the weight of the original plastic casing.

Air conditioning for Stäubli controller

To keep your robot system cool and running smoothly even with high ambient temperatures or on hot summer days we can replace the standard heat exchanger with an air condition. We retrofit controllers from the series:

Stäubli CS7
Stäubli CS7B
Stäubli CS8
Stäubli CS8 C (with additional cabinet)

This protects your valuable control electronics from a premature death due to overheating — and prevents costly downtime.